Shoulder rehab: Actionable assessment, objective evaluation & exercise prescription

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Shoulder rehab: Actionable assessment, objective evaluation & exercise prescription

Clinical Shoulder Specialist, Ellie Richardson is presenting two lectures on Atraumatic Rotator Cuff Related Pain: Assessment Informed Exercise Prescription & Shoulder Functional Performance Tests.


Lecture One: “Assessment Informed Exercise Prescription”

Aim: To provide clinicians with a clinical resource and case studies to help develop your assessment, clinical reasoning & exercise prescription skills in patients with Aatraumatic RCRP.  

Learning Objectives: 

  • To discuss the challenge of “evidence-based” exercise prescription in patients with atraumatic RCRP.
  • To provide a shoulder assessment resource to help guide clinical reasoning & inform exercise selection. 
  • To provide working examples of exercise prescription, progressions & regressions in two patients with atraumatic RCRP.

Lecture Two: “Shoulder Functional Performance Tests: What’s out there and what do they tell us?” 

Aim: To provide clinicians with a “one stop” Shoulder FPT Clinical Reference Resource & enhance clinicians confidence in selecting, utilising or omitting these tests by contextualising their clinical utility. 

Learning Objectives:

  • To discuss Shoulder Functional Performance Tests (FPTs) through the lens of return to sports decision-making.
  • To provide a “one stop” clinical resource detailing test execution, procedures & psychometric properties for each test.
  • To provide normative values in sporting populations where they exist for each test.
  • To discuss the limitations of current FPTs & how future ongoing research will help us better understand their predictive value.

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