Management of the Shoulder Girdle

Shoulder And More 33:03
Management of the Shoulder Girdle


The shoulder girdle complex consists of the Sternoclavicular joint (SCJ), Acromioclavicular joint (ACJ) and scapula thoracic Joint (ST), and all three must work in harmony to produce optimal, pain free shoulder function. These three joints are influenced by the action of the clavicle, therefore it is essential that we examine clavicular function (mainly at the SCJ), but we also need to be able to assess scapular function. It is accepted that (with elevation) the scapular needs to move in a 3D motion, with upward rotation (frontal plane), posterior tilt (sagittal plane) and external rotation (vertical plane), and if those not occur we will be presented with scapular dyskinesis. Several aspects have been described that can contribute to scapular dyskinesis, but what is often omitted is the mobility of the thoracic spine to allow the 3D motion of the scapular.

This presentation aims to link all aspects of shoulder girdle function locally, to the more global integration of the Kinetic Chain, and highlights the importance of the SCJ for optimal pain free shoulder girdle function.

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