Concussion and Persistent MSK Pain

Concussion 39:25
Concussion and Persistent MSK Pain

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Recognising concussion in primary care can be challenging as symptoms and signs are often subtle, non-specific, and can progress over time. The picture can become more complex when symptoms persist beyond expected and standardised recovery times. When symptoms persist, this is commonly referred as a persistent post-concussion system. 

This webinar is a synthesis of the literature surrounding persistent post-concussion symptoms and explores the parallels from the persistent pain literature. The webinar explores common conditions that can follow a concussion and elucidates how pain management strategies can support the management of persistent post-concussion symptoms.

Learning points

  • To briefly explore the aetiology and common mechanisms of concussion
  • To recognise the parallels between concussion and whiplash associated disorders and the mechanisms of injury that can lead to both conditions 
  • To identify the parallels from pain mechanisms and how they apply to persistent post-concussion symptoms
  • To learn about where the pain literature can be applied to the management of persistent post-concussion symptoms.

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