Brad Neal & Simon Lack - Patellofemoral Pain Trailer
PUBLISERT 06.07.2022

The Patellofemoral Pain Course Brad Neal & Simon Lack - Patellofemoral Pain Trailer

Team PFP – Science made simple

With this series of online modules, we aim to simplify the assessment and management of patellofemoral pain.



Patellofemoral pain is the most common type of anterior knee pain and presents in many ways. This series of online modules will focus on expert assessment of the anterior knee and how to develop tailored treatment plans. We will present ways to identify patient specific drivers with tools that can be easily adopted into your clinical practice.

There is so much more to managing patellofemoral pain than VMO exercises and patellar taping. There is no place for a one-size-fits-all approach, and we will provide you with a greater ability to assess and treat people with patellofemoral pain. Most importantly, this course will provide you with practical and clinically applicable skills that can be used the very next time you see a patient.


Overarching aim

Develop, improve, and tailor your approach to the assessment and management of individuals with patellofemoral pain.

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